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Opel Corsa: Advanced parking assist / Fault

In the event of a fault, a message is displayed in the Colour Info Display, accompanied by an acoustic signal. In the event of a fault in the power steering, Opel Corsa. Fault illuminates and a message is displayed in the Driver Information Centre.


Under certain circumstances, various reflective surfaces on objects or clothing as well as external noise sources may cause the system to fail to detect obstacles.

Special attention must be paid to low obstacles which can damage the lower part of the bumper.


Performance of the system can be reduced when sensors are covered, e.g. by ice or snow.

Performance of the parking assist system can be reduced due to heavy loading.

Special conditions apply if there are taller vehicles in the vicinity (e.g. off-road vehicles, mini vans, vans). Object identification and correct distance indication in the upper part of these vehicles cannot be guaranteed.

Objects with a very small reflection cross-section, e.g. objects of narrow size or soft materials, may not be detected by the system. Parking assist systems do not detect objects outside the detection range.


It is possible that the sensor detects a non-existing object caused by echo disturbance from external acoustic noise or mechanical misalignments (sporadic false warnings may occur).

Make sure that the front number plate is properly mounted (not bent and no gaps to the bumper on the left or right side) and the sensors are firmly in place.

Advanced parking assist system may not respond to changes in the available parking space after initiating a parking manoeuvre. The system may recognize an entry, a gateway, a courtyard or even a crossing as a parking slot. After selecting reverse gear the system will start a parking manoeuvre. Take care regarding the availability of the suggested parking slot.

Surface irregularities, e.g. on construction zones, are not detected by the system. The driver accepts responsibility.


    The current park assist manoeuvre is cancelled via the button to return to the previous screen in the Info Display. To deactivate the system completely, press in the centre console...

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