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Opel Corsa 2020-2024 Owners Manual

      L Introduction
      L In brief
      L Keys, doors and windows
           L Keys, locks
                L Keys
                L Radio remote control
                L Electronic key system
                     L Remote control operation
                     L Electronic key system operation. Smart access
                     L Central locking button
                     L Operation with the key in case of a central locking system fault
                L Automatic locking
                L Child locks
           L Doors
           L Vehicle security
                L Anti-theft locking system
                L Anti-theft alarm system
                L Immobiliser
           L Exterior mirrors
           L Interior mirrors
           L Windows
                L Windscreen
                L Power windows
                L Heated rear window. Sun visors. Roller blinds
           L Roof
      L Seats, restraints
           L Head restraints
           L Front seats
                L Seat position
                L Manual seat adjustment
                L Power seat adjustment. Armrest
                L Heating and Massage
           L Seat belts
           L Airbag system
                L Front and side airbag system
                L Curtain airbag system. Airbag deactivation
           L Child restraints
                L Child restraint systems
                L Child restraint installation locations
      L Storage
           L Storage compartments
           L Load compartment
                L Load compartment cover
                L Rear floor storage cover. Lashing eyes
           L Roof rack system
           L Loading information
      L Instruments and controls
           L Controls
                L Steering wheel adjustment. Steering wheel controls
                L Heated steering wheel. Horn
                L Windscreen wiper and washer
                L Rear window wiper and washer
                L Outside temperature. Clock
                L Power outlets
                L Inductive charging
                L Cigarette lighter. Ashtrays
           L Warning lights, gauges and indicators
                L Instrument cluster
                L Speedometer, Odometer, Trip odometer and  Tachometer
                L Fuel gauge. Engine coolant temperature gauge
                L Engine oil level monitor. Service display
                L Control indicators
                L Turn lights. Seat belt reminder
                L Airbag and belt tensioners. Airbag deactivation
                L Charging system. Malfunction indicator light. Service vehicle soon
                L Stop engine. System check. Brake and clutch system
                L Parking brake. Electric parking brake. Electric parking brake fault
                L Automatic operation of electric parking brake off. Antilock brake system (ABS). Gear shifting
                L Lane keep assist. Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control system
                L Engine coolant temperature. Preheating. Exhaust filter
                L AdBlue. Deflation detection system. Engine oil pressure. Low fuel. Autostop
                L Light.
                L Rain sensor. Active emergency braking. Door open
           L Displays
                L Driver Information Centre
                     L Selecting menus and functions
                     L Trip / fuel information menu
                L Info Display
                     L Radio (Infotainment system)
                     L Multimedia / Multimedia Navi / Multimedia Navi Pro
           L Vehicle messages
           L Vehicle personalisation
           L Telematics services
      L Lighting
           L Exterior lighting
                L Light switch. Automatic light control
                L High beam. High beam assist
                L Headlight flash. Headlight range adjustment. Headlights when driving abroad. Daytime running lights
                L LED headlights
                L Hazard warning flashers
                L Turn lights
                L Front fog lights. Rear fog light
                L Parking lights. Reversing lights. Misted light covers
           L Interior lighting
                L Instrument panel illumination control
                L Interior lights. Reading lights. Sunvisor lights
           L Lighting features
                L Entry lighting. Exit lighting
                L Vehicle locator lighting. Peripheral lighting. Battery discharge protection
      L Climate control
           L Climate control systems
                L Heating and ventilation system
                L Air conditioning system
                L Electronic climate control system
                     L Climate control settings menu
                     L Automatic mode AUTO
                     L Manual settings
                     L Auxiliary heater
           L Air vents
           L Maintenance
      L Driving and operating
           L Driving hints
           L Starting and operating
                L Ignition switch positions
                L Power button
                L Starting the engine
                L Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system
           L Parking
                L Engine exhaust. Exhaust filter, Catalytic converter
                L AdBlue
                     L General information
                     L Level warnings
                     L High emission warnings
                     L Refilling AdBlue
           L Automatic transmission
                L Transmission display
                L Gear selection
                L Manual mode
                L Electronic driving programmes
                L Fault. Interruption of power supply
           L Manual transmission
           L Brakes
                L Antilock brake system
                L Parking brake
                L Brake assist. Hill start assist
           L Ride control systems
           L Driver assistance systems
                L Cruise control
                L Speed limiter
                     L Switching on the system
                     L Activation of the functionality
                     L Exceeding the speed limit
                     L Deactivation of the functionality
                     L Resume limit speed
                     L Switching off the system
                     L Fault
                L Adaptive cruise control
                     L Switching on the system
                     L Activation of the functionality
                     L Overriding set speed
                     L Setting the following distance
                     L Detecting the vehicle ahead
                     L Deactivation of the functionality
                     L Switching off the system
                     L Driver's attention
                     L System limits
                     L Radar unit
                     L Fault
                L Active emergency braking
                     L Functionality
                     L Brake preparation system
                     L Emergency automatic braking
                     L Smart brake assist
                     L System limitations
                     L Fault
                L Forward collision alert
                     L Activation
                     L Selecting the alert sensitivity
                     L Deactivation
                     L System limitations
                L Front pedestrian protection
                     L Front pedestrian alert
                     L System limitations
                L Parking assist
                     L General information
                     L Rear parking assist
                     L Front-rear parking assist
           L System limitations
                L Advanced parking assist
                     L Entry into a parallel parking slot
                     L Entry into a perpendicular parking slot
                     L Exiting a parallel parking slot
                     L Display indication
                     L Deactivation
                     L Fault
                L Side blind spot alert
                     L Activation
                     L Functionality
                     L Operation conditions
                     L Deactivation
                     L Fault
                     L Active side blind spot detection
                     L Functionality
                L Panoramic view system
                     L Activation
                     L Functionality
                     L Deactivation
                     L General information
                     L System limitations
                L Rear view camera
                     L Switching on
                     L Functionality
                     L Switching off
                L System limitations
                L Traffic sign assistant
                L Lane keep assist
                     L Activation
                     L Deactivation
                     L Fault
                     L System limitations
                L Driver alert
                     L Activation or Deactivation
                     L Driving time alert
                     L Driver drowsiness detection
                     L System limitations
           L Fuel
                L Fuel for petrol engines
                L Fuel for diesel engines
                L Refuelling
           L Trailer hitch
                L General information
                L Driving characteristics and towing tips
                L Trailer towing
      L Vehicle care
           L General Information
                L Accessories and vehicle modifications
                L Vehicle storage. End-of-life vehicle recovery
           L Vehicle checks
                L Performing work
                L Bonnet
                L Engine oil
                L Engine coolant
                L Washer fluid
                L Brakes. Brake fluid
                L Vehicle battery
                     L Replacing the vehicle battery
                     L Charging the vehicle battery
                     L Discharge protection
                     L Warning label
                     L Power saving mode
                     L Heating functionalities
                L Diesel fuel system bleeding. Wiper blade replacement
                     L Windscreen
                     L Rear window
           L Bulb replacement
                L Halogen headlights
                     L Low beam (1)
                     L High beam / daytime running light (2)
                L LED headlights. Front fog lights. Front turn lights
                L Tail lights. Number plate light. Interior lights
                     L Tail lights
                     L Number plate light
                     L Interior lights
           L Electrical system
                L Fuses
                L Engine compartment fuse box
                L Instrument panel fuse box
                     L Fuse box on the left side of the instrument panel
                     L Fuse box on the right side of the instrument panel
           L Vehicle tools
                L Tools
           L Wheels and tyres
                L Winter tyres. Tyre designations
                L Tyre pressure
                L Tyre deflation detection system
                L Tread depth
                L Changing tyre and wheel size. Wheel covers
                L Tyre chains
                L Tyre repair kit
                L Wheel changing
                     L Tightening torques
                     L Jacking positions
                L Spare wheel
                     L Fitting the spare wheel
                     L Stowing a damaged full size wheel in the load compartment
           L Jump starting
           L Towing
                L Towing the vehicle
                L Towing another vehicle
           L Appearance care
                L Exterior care
                L Interior care
                L Floor mats
      L Service and maintenance
           L General information
           L Recommended fluids, lubricants and parts
      L Technical data
           L Vehicle identification
           L Vehicle data
      L Customer information
           L Customer information
                L Declaration of conformity
                L REACH
                L Software acknowledgement
                L Software update
                L Registered trademarks
           L Vehicle data recording and privacy
                L Event data recorders
                L Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Total pages: 300


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