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Opel Corsa: Parking assist / Rear parking assist

The system warns the driver with acoustic signals and display indication against potentially hazardous obstacles behind the vehicle while reverse gear is engaged.

Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist

The system operates with ultrasonic parking sensors in the rear bumper.


Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist

The system is ready to operate when the LED in the parking assist button Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist is not illuminated. The state of the system is memorised when the ignition is switched off.

Once activated, rear parking assist is ready to operate when reverse gear is engaged and ignition is switched on.


Depending on which side of the vehicle is closer to an obstacle, you will hear acoustic warning signals in the vehicle on the respective side. The interval between the sounds becomes shorter as the vehicle gets closer to that obstacle. When the distance is less than approx. 30 cm, the sound is continuous.

Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist

Additionally, the distance to rear obstacles is displayed by changing distance lines in the Info Display. When the obstacle is very close, Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist for danger is displayed.


Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist

The system is switched off when reverse gear is disengaged. Press Opel Corsa. Rear parking assist to deactivate the system manually. The LED in the button illuminates when the system is deactivated. If the system has been deactivated manually, it is not reactivated automatically the next time the ignition is switched on.

    General information

    When attaching a trailer or bicycle carrier to the trailer hitch, the parking assist is deactivated. Warning The driver bears full responsibility for the parking manoeuvre...

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