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Opel Corsa: Driver alert / System limitations

In the following situations, the system may not operate properly or even not operate at all:

  • poor visibility caused by inadequate lighting of the roadway, falling snow, heavy rain, dense fog etc.
  • dazzle caused by headlamps of an oncoming vehicles, low sun, reflections on damp roads, leaving a tunnel, alternating shade and light etc.
  • windscreen area in front of the camera covered by dirt, snow, stickers etc.
  • no lane markings detected or multiple lane markings due to roadworks
  • close vehicles ahead
  • winding roads or narrow roads

    Driver drowsiness detection

    The system monitors the driver's level of vigilance at speeds above 65 km/h. A camera at the top of the windscreen detects variations in trajectory compared to the lane markings...



    Other information:

    Opel Corsa 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Airbag system

    The airbag system consists of a number of individual systems depending on the scope of equipment. When triggered, the airbags inflate within milliseconds. They also deflate so quickly that it is often unnoticeable during the collision. Warning The airbag system deploys in an explosive manner, repairs must be performed by skilled personnel only. Warning Adding accessories that change the ..

    Opel Corsa 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Fault. Interruption of power supply

    Fault In the event of a fault, illuminates a message is displayed in the Driver Information Centre. Electronic transmission control enables only third gear. The transmission no longer shifts automatically. Do not drive faster than 100 km/h. Have the cause of the fault remedied by a workshop. Interruption of power supply In the event of an interruption of power supply, the selector lever ..


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