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Opel Corsa: Automatic transmission / Gear selection

Opel Corsa. Gear selection

Move the selector lever or press the respective buttons as shown in the illustration above.

P : park position, front wheels are locked, engage only when the vehicle is stationary and the parking brake is applied

R : reverse gear, engage only when the vehicle is stationary

N : neutral

D : automatic mode

M : manual mode

Opel Corsa. Gear selection : upshift in manual mode

Opel Corsa. Gear selection : downshift in manual mode

The selector lever is locked in P.

Before unlocking the gearbox, ensure that the ignition is on. Then, apply the brake pedal and press UNLOCK. Now, move the selector lever to the desired mode.

The engine can only be started with the selector lever in P or N. When position N is selected, press the brake pedal or apply the parking brake before starting.

Before enganing the reverse gear, come to a total stop. Then, apply the brake pedal and press UNLOCK. Now, move the selector lever to R.

Do not accelerate while engaging a gear. Never depress the accelerator pedal and brake pedal at the same time.

When a gear is engaged, the vehicle slowly begins to creep when the brake is released.

Engine braking

To utilise the engine braking effect, select a lower gear in good time when driving downhill.

Rocking the vehicle

Rocking the vehicle is only permissible if the vehicle is stuck in sand, mud or snow. Move the selector lever between D and R in a repeat pattern. Do not race the engine and avoid sudden acceleration.


Apply the parking brake and press P.

    Transmission display

    In automatic mode, the driving programme is indicated by D. In manual mode, M and the number of the selected gear is indicated. R indicates reverse gear...

    Manual mode

    Manual mode M can be activated from position D in each driving situation and speed. Press button M. Pull steering wheel paddles to select gears manually...

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