Opel Corsa Manuals

Opel Corsa: Vehicle care / Towing

Jump starting

Do not start with quick charger. A vehicle with a discharged vehicle battery can be started using jump leads and the vehicle battery of another vehicle...

Towing the vehicle

Remove the cap. The towing eye is stowed with the vehicle tools. Screw in the towing eye as far as it will go until it stops in a horizontal position...

Other information:

Opel Corsa 2020-2024 Owners Manual: System limitations

Forward collision alert is designed to warn on vehicles, but may react also to other objects. In the following cases, forward collision alert may not detect a vehicle ahead or sensor performance is limited: driving on winding or hilly roads driving during nighttime weather limits visibility, such as fog, rain, or snow the sensor in the windscreen or the radar unit behind the front ..

Opel Corsa 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Telematics services

Opel Connect Opel Connect comprises multiple connected services accessible via app, online or within the vehicle. Note Opel Connect is not available for all markets. For further information, contact your workshop. Note Full functionality of Opel Connect is subject to registration and proper activation. Connected services may include live navigation such as online traffic information and ve..


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