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Opel Corsa: Trailer hitch / Driving characteristics and towing tips

Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Driving and operating / Trailer hitch / Driving characteristics and towing tips

Before attaching a trailer, lubricate the coupling ball. However, do not do so if a stabiliser, which acts on the coupling ball, is being used to reduce snaking movements.

During trailer towing do not exceed a speed of 80 km/h. A maximum speed of 100 km/h is only appropriate if an oscillation damper is used and the permissible gross trailer weight does not exceed the vehicle’s curb weight.

For trailers with low driving stability and caravan trailers, the use of an oscillation damper is strongly recommended.

If the trailer starts snaking, drive more slowly, do not attempt to correct the steering and brake sharply if necessary.

When driving downhill, drive in the same gear as if driving uphill and drive at a similar speed.

Adjust tyre pressure to the value specified for full load.

    General information

    Only use towing equipment that has been approved for your vehicle. Entrust retrofitting of towing equipment to a workshop. It may be necessary to make changes that affect the cooling system, heat shields or other equipment...

    Trailer towing

    Trailer loads The permissible trailer loads are vehicle and engine-dependent maximum values which must not be exceeded. The actual trailer load is the difference between the actual gross weight of the trailer and the actual coupling socket load with the trailer coupled...

    Other information:

    Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Light.

    Exterior light illuminates green. Low beam illuminates green. High beam illuminates blue. High beam assist illuminates green. LED headlights illuminates and a warning message is displayed in the Driver Information Centre. Front fog lights illuminates green...

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