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Opel Corsa: Active emergency braking / Functionality

Depending on the vehicle configuration and the detected objects, there are several operational speed ranges.

On vehicles equipped only with front camera, the active emergency braking operates from 5 km/h to 80 km/h when a vehicle has been detected.

On vehicles equipped with radar sensor and front camera, the active emergency braking operates from 5 km/h to 140 km/h when a vehicle has been detected.

Active emergency braking only works when the seat belts of the front passengers are fastened.

The system includes:

  • brake preparation system
  • emergency automatic braking
  • smart brake assist
  • forward collision alert
  • front pedestrian protection

    Active emergency braking

    Active emergency braking can help to reduce the damage and injury from crashes with vehicles and pedestrians directly ahead, when the driver does not actively take action either by manual braking or by steering...

    Brake preparation system

    When approaching a vehicle ahead or a pedestrian so quickly that a collision is likely, the brake preparation system slightly pressurises the brakes...

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