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Opel Corsa: Service and maintenance / Recommended fluids, lubricants and parts

Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Service and maintenance / Recommended fluids, lubricants and parts

Recommended fluids and lubricants

Only use products that meet the recommended specifications.


Operating materials are hazardous and could be poisonous. Handle with care. Pay attention to information given on the containers.

Engine oil

Engine oil is identified by its quality and its viscosity. Quality is more important than viscosity when selecting which engine oil to use. The oil quality ensures e.g. engine cleanliness, wear protection and oil aging control, whereas viscosity grade gives information on the oil's thickness over a temperature range.

Select the appropriate engine oil based on its quality and on the minimum ambient temperature.

Topping up engine oil


In case of any spilled oil, wipe it up and dispose it properly.

Engine oils of different manufacturers and brands can be mixed as long as they comply with the required engine oil quality and viscosity.

Use of engine oils for all petrol engines with only ACEA quality is prohibited, since it can cause engine damage under certain operating conditions.

Select the appropriate engine oil based on its quality and on the minimum ambient temperature.

Additional engine oil additives

The use of additional engine oil additives could cause damage and invalidate the warranty.

Engine oil viscosity grades The SAE viscosity grade gives information of the thickness of the oil. Multigrade oil is indicated by two figures, e.g. SAE 5W-30. The first figure, followed by a W, indicates the low temperature viscosity and the second figure the high temperature viscosity.

Select the appropriate viscosity grade depending on the minimum ambient temperature.

All of the recommended viscosity grades are suitable for high ambient temperatures.

Coolant and antifreeze

Use only Lobrid antifreeze approved for the vehicle. Consult a workshop. The system is factory filled with coolant designed for excellent corrosion protection and frost protection down to approx. -28 °C. In cold regions with very low temperatures the factory filled coolant provides frost protection down to approx. -37 °C. This concentration should be maintained all year round.

The use of additional coolant additives that intend to give additional corrosion protection or seal against minor leaks can cause function problems. Liability for consequences resulting from the use of additional coolant additives will be rejected.

Washer fluid

Use only washer fluid approved for the vehicle to prevent damage of wiper blades, paintwork, plastic and rubber parts. Consult a workshop.

Brake and clutch fluid

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which will reduce braking effectiveness. The brake fluid should therefore be replaced at the specified interval.


Only use AdBlue to reduce the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust emission.

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