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Opel Corsa: Adaptive cruise control / Setting the following distance

When adaptive cruise control detects a slower moving vehicle in the driving path, it will adjust the vehicle speed to maintain the following distance selected by the driver.

The following distance can be set to close (1 bar), normal (2 bars) or far (3 bars).

If the engine is running and the adaptive cruise control is enabled (grey) or avtive (green), you can modify the following distance setting:

Press Opel Corsa. Setting the following distance, the current setting is shown in the Driver Information Centre.

Press Opel Corsa. Setting the following distance again to change the following distance: The new setting is displayed in the Driver Information Centre.

The selected following distance is indicated by full bars in the adaptive cruise control page.


The driver accepts full responsibility for the appropriate following distance based on traffic, weather and visibility conditions. Following distance must be adjusted or the system switched off when required by the prevailing conditions.

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