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Opel Corsa: Adaptive cruise control / Overriding set speed

It is always possible to drive faster than the selected set speed by depressing the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator pedal is released, the vehicle returns to the stored speed. If a slower moving vehicle is ahead, the following distance selected by the driver is restored.

If the set speed is exceeded, the indicated speed setting disappears and a warning message is displayed.


Accelerating by the driver deactivates automatic braking by the system. This is indicated as a pop-up warning in the Driver Information Centre.

Resuming stored speed

Move the thumb wheel to RES/+ at a speed above 30 km/h. The adaptive cruise control is activated with the stored set speed.

Adaptive cruise control on vehicles with automatic transmission

For vehicles with automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control allows to maintain the selected distance behind a braking vehicle until a complete stop is reached.

If the system has stopped your vehicle behind another vehicle, then the set speed is replaced by a green control indicator Opel Corsa. Overriding set speed. This symbol notifies, that the vehicle is hold automatically in stop position.

When the vehicle ahead drives away within some seconds and the traffic conditions allow a restart of the vehicle, then active cruise control is resumed automatically.

If the stopped vehicle ahead was stopped for a longer time and then begins to move forward, the green control indicator Opel Corsa. Overriding set speed will flash and a warning chime will sound as a reminder to check traffic before resuming.

When the vehicle ahead drives away, depress the accelerator pedal or press Opel Corsa. Overriding set speed to resume adaptive cruise control.

If the vehicle stays stopped for more than 5 minutes or if the driver's door is opened and the driver's seat belt is unfastened, then the electric parking brake is applied automatically to hold the vehicle. Control indicator Opel Corsa. Overriding set speed will illuminate. To release electric parking brake, press the accelerator pedal.


When the system is deactivated or cancelled, the vehicle will no longer be held at a stop and can start moving. Be always prepared to manually apply the brake to hold the vehicle stationary.

Do not leave the vehicle while it is being held at a stop by adaptive cruise control. Always move selector lever to park position P and switch off the ignition before leaving the vehicle.

    Activation of the functionality

    Setting speed by the driver The adaptive cruise control has to be switched on manually at a speed between 30 km/h and 180 km/h. For vehicles with automatic transmission, the automatic selector lever must be in position D or M...

    Setting the following distance

    When adaptive cruise control detects a slower moving vehicle in the driving path, it will adjust the vehicle speed to maintain the following distance selected by the driver...

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