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Opel Corsa: Driver assistance systems / Cruise control

The cruise control can store and maintain speeds above 40 km/h. Additionally, at least the third gear must be engaged on some manual transmissions. On automatic transmission, position D or the second or a higher gear in position M must be selected.

Deviations from the stored speeds may occur when driving uphill or downhill.

The system maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed by the driver, without any action on the accelerator pedal.

The preset speed can be exceeded temporarily by pressing the accelerator pedal firmly.

The status and preset speed is displayed in the Driver Information Centre.

Do not use the cruise control if it is not advisable to maintain a constant speed.

Switching on the system

Opel Corsa. Cruise control

Press Opel Corsa. Cruise control.

Symbol Opel Corsa. Cruise control and a message are displayed in the Driver Information Centre. The system is still not active.

Opel Corsa. Cruise control

Activation of the functionality

Setting speed by the driver

Opel Corsa. Cruise control

Accelerate to the desired speed and move thumb wheel once briefly to SET/-. The current speed is stored and maintained. Accelerator pedal can be released.

The preset speed can then be changed by moving thumb wheel to RES/+ to increase or SET/- to decrease the speed. Move thumb wheel repeatedly to change speed in small steps, move and hold to change speed in large steps.

Opel Corsa. Cruise control

Speed value is indicated in the Driver Information Centre.

Adopting speed by the speed limit recognition

The intelligent speed adaptation informs the driver when a speed limit is detected by the speed limit recognition. The detected speed limit can be used as new value for the cruise control.

Using the camera at the top of the windscreen, this system detects and reads speed limit and end of speed limit signs.

With active cruise control the recognised speed limit will be displayed in the Driver Information Centre and MEM illuminates if the difference between set speed and speed limit is more than 9 km/h.

Press MEM on the steering wheel to request saving of the suggested speed.

Press MEM on the steering wheel once more to confirm and save the new speed setting.

This speed is the new value for the cruise control.

The function can be deactivated or activated in the vehicle personalisation.

Exceeding the set speed

Vehicle speed can be increased by depressing the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator pedal is released, the previously stored speed is resumed.

Deactivation of the functionality

Press Opel Corsa. Cruise control, cruise control is in pause mode and a message is displayed. The vehicle is driven without cruise control.

Cruise control is deactivated, but not switched off. Last stored speed remains in memory for later speed resume.

Cruise control is deactivated automatically in the following cases:

  • The brake pedal is depressed.
  • Vehicle speed is below 40 km/h.
  • The traction control system or electronic stability control is operating.
  • The selector lever is in N (automatic transmission) or the first or second gear (on some manual transmissions) is engaged.
  • Immediately after the clutch pedal has been depressed or a few seconds after the clutch pedal has been depressed (depending on the manual transmission).

Resume stored speed

Move thumb wheel to RES/+ at a speed above 40 km/h. The stored speed will be obtained.

Switching off the system

Press Opel Corsa. Cruise control, the cruise control mode is deselected and the cruise control indication extinguishes in the Driver Information Centre.

Pressing Opel Corsa. Cruise control to activate the speed limiter deactivates cruise control. Switching off the ignition cancels any programmed speed value.


In the event of a cruise control fault, the speed is cleared resulting in flashing of the dashes.

The speed limit recognition may not operate correctly if traffic signs do not comply with the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.

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