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Opel Corsa: Adaptive cruise control / Deactivation of the functionality

Opel Corsa. Deactivation of the functionality

Press Opel Corsa. Deactivation of the functionality, the adaptive cruise control is in pause mode and a message is displayed. The vehicle is driven without adaptive cruise control.

The adaptive cruise control is deactivated, but not disabled. The last stored set speed remains in memory for later usage.

The adaptive cruise control is deactivated automatically in the following cases:

  • The brake pedal is depressed.
  • The vehicle accelerates above 180 km/h (manual and automatic transmission) or slows down below 30 km/h (manual transmission).
  • The electric parking brake is applied.
  • The traction control system or electronic stability control is deactivated or operating.
  • The selector lever of automatic transmissions is neither in D nor in M.
  • A fault is detected in the electronic stability control or the radar system.
  • Immediately after the clutch pedal has been depressed or a few seconds after the clutch pedal has been depressed (depending on the manual transmission).

    Detecting the vehicle ahead

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    Switching off the system

    Press , the adaptive cruise control mode is disabled and the adaptive cruise control indication extinguishes in the Driver Information Centre. Pressing to activate the speed limiter deactivates adaptive cruise control...

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