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Opel Corsa: Vehicle security / Anti-theft alarm system

The anti-theft alarm system is combined with the anti-theft locking system.

It monitors:

  • doors, tailgate, bonnet
  • passenger compartment including adjoining load compartment
  • ignition


All doors, the load compartment and the engine compartment must be closed and the electronic key must not remain in the vehicle.

The system is self-activated 45 seconds after locking the vehicle.

If a door, the tailgate or the bonnet is not properly closed, the vehicle is not locked. However, the anti-theft alarm is self-activated after 45 seconds.


Changes to the vehicle interior such as the use of seat covers and open windows, could impair the function of passenger compartment monitoring.

Activation without monitoring of passenger compartment

Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system

Switch off the monitoring of passenger compartment when animals are being left in the vehicle, because of high volume ultrasonic signals or movements triggering the alarm. Also, switch off when the vehicle is on a ferry or train.

  1. Close tailgate, bonnet, windows.
  2. Switch off ignition and press Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system within 10 seconds until the LED in the button Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system illuminates.
  3. Leave the vehicle and close the doors.
  4. Activate the anti-theft alarm system.


LED in the Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system button flashes if the anti-theft alarm system is activated. The hazard warning lights illuminates for a few seconds.


Unlocking the vehicle with radio remote control by pressing Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system or with the electronic key deactivates the anti-theft alarm system.

The system is not deactivated by unlocking the front door with the key or with the central locking button in the passenger compartment.

The hazard warning lights flash for a few seconds.


When triggered, the alarm siren sounds and the hazard warning lights flash simultaneously. The number and duration of alarm signals are stipulated by legislation.

The anti-theft alarm can be deactivated by pressing Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system or switching on the ignition.

A triggered alarm, which has not been interrupted by the driver, will be indicated by the LED in the button Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system. The LED will flash quickly the next time the vehicle is unlocked.

If the battery has been reconnected (e.g. after maintenance work), wait for 10 minutes to restart the engine.


If the LED in the button Opel Corsa. Anti-theft alarm system illuminates permanently when switching on the ignition, seek the assistance of a workshop.

Locking the vehicle without activation of the anti-theft alarm

Lock the vehicle by locking the front door with the integral key.

    Anti-theft locking system

    Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside. The system deadlocks all the doors. All doors must be closed otherwise the system cannot be activated...


    The system is part of the ignition switch and checks whether the vehicle is allowed to be started with the key being used. The immobiliser is activated automatically...

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