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Opel Corsa: Lighting features / Entry lighting. Exit lighting

Entry lighting

Welcome lighting

  • Some or all of the following lights are switched on for a short time by unlocking the vehicle with the radio remote control:
  • headlights
  • puddle lights
  • interior lights

The number of activated lights depends on the surrounding light conditions.

The lighting switches off immediately when the ignition is switched on.

This function can be activated or deactivated in the vehicle personalisation.

The following lights will additionally switch on when the driver's door is opened:

  • illumination of some switches
  • Driver Information Centre
  • door pocket lights

Exit lighting

The following lights are switched on when the ignition is switched off:

  • headlights
  • interior lights
  • centre console lighting

They will switch off automatically after a delay. This function works only in the dark.

    Lighting features


    Vehicle locator lighting. Peripheral lighting. Battery discharge protection

    Vehicle locator lighting This function allows to locate the vehicle, e.g., in weak lighting conditions using the remote control. The headlights come on and the turn lights flash for 10 seconds...

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