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Opel Corsa: Lighting

Telematics services

Opel Connect Opel Connect comprises multiple connected services accessible via app, online or within the vehicle. Note Opel Connect is not available for all markets...

Exterior lighting


Other information:

Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Stop engine. System check. Brake and clutch system

Stop engine illuminates red. Illuminates briefly when the ignition is switched on. Illuminates together with other control indicators, accompanied by a warning chime and a corresponding message in the Driver Information Centre. Stop engine immediately and seek the assistance of a workshop. System check illuminates yellow or red. Illuminates yellow A minor engine fault has been detected. Il..

Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Overriding set speed

It is always possible to drive faster than the selected set speed by depressing the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator pedal is released, the vehicle returns to the stored speed. If a slower moving vehicle is ahead, the following distance selected by the driver is restored. If the set speed is exceeded, the indicated speed setting disappears and a warning message is displayed. Warni..


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