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Opel Corsa: Advanced parking assist / Exiting a parallel parking slot


When exiting a parallel parking slot, activate the system in the Info Display.

Select the exiting a parallel parking slot menu.

Select exit side by switching on the respective turn light.

Engage reverse or forward gear, release the steering wheel and start moving without exceeding 5 km/h.

Opel Corsa. Exiting a parallel parking slot

Move forwards and backwards while observing the warnings of the parking assist until the end of manoeuvre is indicated.

The manoeuvre is complete when the vehicle's front wheels are out of the parking slot.

After deactivation check control over the vehicle.

    Entry into a perpendicular parking slot

    Activation Slow down the vehicle speed below 30 km/h. To search for a parking slot, activate the system in the Info Display. Select the perpendicular parking slot menu...

    Display indication

    The instructions on the display show: general hints and warning messages the demand to stop the vehicle, when a parking slot is detected the direction of driving during the parking manoeuvre the demand to shift into reverse or first gear the demand to stop or to drive slowly the successful completion of the parking manoeuvre indicated by a pop-up symbol and a chime the cancel..

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