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Opel Corsa: Automatic transmission / Manual mode

Manual mode M can be activated from position D in each driving situation and speed.

Opel Corsa. Manual mode

Press button M.

Pull steering wheel paddles to select gears manually.

Pull right paddle + to shift to a higher gear.

Pull left paddle - to shift to a lower gear.

Multiple pulls allow gears to be skipped.

The selected gear is indicated in the instrument cluster.

If a higher gear is selected when vehicle speed is too low, or a lower gear when vehicle speed is too high, the shift is not executed. This can cause a message in the Driver Information Centre.

In manual mode, no automatic shifting to a higher gear takes place at high engine revolutions.

Gear shift indication

The symbol Opel Corsa. Manual mode or Opel Corsa. Manual mode with a number beside it is indicated when gearshifting is recommended for fuel saving reasons.

Shift indication appears only in manual mode.

    Gear selection


    Electronic driving programmes

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