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Opel Corsa: Front seats / Heating and Massage


Opel Corsa. Heating and Massage

Adjust heating to the desired setting by pressing Opel Corsa. Heating and Massage for the respective seat one or more times. The control indicator in the button indicates the setting.

Prolonged use of the highest setting for people with sensitive skin is not recommended.

Seat heating is operational when engine is running.


Opel Corsa. Heating and Massage

Activate the back massage function by pressing Opel Corsa. Heating and Massage. The LED in the button illuminates to indicate activation.

The massage function is activated for a period of 1 hour. During this time, massage is performed in six cycles with breaks in between.

Pressing Opel Corsa. Heating and Massage once more deactivates massage function. The LED goes off.

The massage function is operational when engine is running and during an Autostop.

    Power seat adjustment. Armrest

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    Seat belts

    The seat belts are locked during heavy acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle, holding the occupants in the seat position. Therefore the risk of injury is considerably reduced...

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