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Opel Corsa: Starting and operating / Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system

Overrun cut-off

The fuel supply is automatically cut off during overrun, i.e. when the vehicle is driven with a gear engaged but accelerator pedal is released.

Depending on driving conditions, the overrun cut-off may be deactivated.

Stop-start system

The stop-start system helps to save fuel and to reduce the exhaust emissions. When conditions allow, it switches off the engine as soon as the vehicle is at a low speed or at a standstill, e.g. at a traffic light or in a traffic jam.


The stop-start system is available as soon as the engine is started, the vehicle starts-off and the conditions as stated below in this section are fulfilled.

Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system

The system is ready to operate when the LED in the button Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system is not illuminated. To activate the system when the system is deactivated, press Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system.

If the stop-start system is temporarily not available and the button Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system is pressed, the LED in the button flashes.


Deactivate the stop-start system manually by pressing Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system. The deactivation is indicated when the LED in the button illuminates.


Vehicles with manual transmission Activate an Autostop as follows:

  • Set the selector lever to neutral.
  • Release the clutch pedal.

The engine will be switched off while the ignition stays on.

Vehicles with automatic transmission

If the vehicle is at a standstill with depressed brake pedal, Autostop is activated automatically.

The engine will be switched off while the ignition stays on.

The stop-start system will be disabled on steep inclines.


Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system

An Autostop is indicated by control indicator Opel Corsa. Overrun cut-off. Stop-start system.

During an Autostop, the heating and brake performance will be maintained.

Conditions for an Autostop

The stop-start system checks if each of the following conditions is fulfilled.

  • The stop-start system is not manually deactivated.
  • The driver's door is closed or the driver's seat belt is fastened.
  • The vehicle battery is sufficiently charged and in good condition.
  • The engine is warmed up.
  • The engine coolant temperature is not too high.
  • The engine exhaust temperature is not too high, e.g. after driving with high engine load.
  • The ambient temperature is not too low or too high.
  • The climate control system allows an Autostop.
  • The brake vacuum is sufficient.
  • The self-cleaning function of the exhaust filter is not active.
  • The vehicle was driven at least at walking speed since the last Autostop.

Otherwise an Autostop will be inhibited.


The Autostop may be inhibited for several hours after a battery replacement or reconnection.

Certain settings of the climate control system may inhibit an Autostop.

Immediately after higher speed driving an Autostop may be inhibited. New vehicle running-in.

Vehicle battery discharge protection

To ensure reliable engine restarts, several vehicle battery discharge protection features are implemented as part of the stop-start system.

Power saving measures

During an Autostop, several electrical features such as auxiliary electric heater or rear window heating are disabled or switched to a power saving mode. The fan speed of the climate control system is reduced to save power.

Restart of the engine by the driver

Vehicles with manual transmission

Depress the clutch pedal without depressing the brake pedal to restart the engine.

Vehicles with automatic transmission

The engine is restarted in the following cases:

  • brake pedal released while the selector lever in position D or M
  • brake pedal released or selector lever in position N when selector lever is moved to position D or M
  • selector lever moved to position R

Restart of the engine by the stopstart system

The selector lever must be in neutral to enable an automatic restart.

If one of the following conditions occurs during an Autostop, the engine will be restarted automatically by the stop-start system:

  • stop-start system manually deactivated
  • driver's seat belt unfastened and driver's door opened
  • engine temperature too low
  • charging level of vehicle battery below a defined level
  • brake vacuum not sufficient
  • vehicle driven at least at walking speed
  • climate control system requests engine start
  • air conditioning manually switched on

If an electrical accessory, e.g. a portable CD player, is connected to the power outlet, a brief power drop during the restart might be noticeable.

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