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Opel Corsa: System limitations / Traffic sign assistant

The traffic sign assistant is an extension of the speed limit recognition available for speed limiter, cruise control and adaptive cruise control.

Opel Corsa. Traffic sign assistant

The system recognises the traffic signs above and displays them in the Driver Information Centre.


The actual traffic sign always takes priority over the traffic sign displayed in the Driver Information Centre.

If the vehicle enters a road of which the entry is prohibited, the no entry traffic symbol and a warning message are displayed in the Driver Information Centre. If the system detects one of the other traffic signs, the respective traffic sign is displayed in the Driver Information Centre.

    System limitations

    The rear view camera may not operate properly when: the surrounding is dark the beam of headlights is shining directly into the camera lenses weather limits visibility, such as fog, rain, or snow the camera lenses are blocked by snow, ice, slush, mud, dirt...

    Lane keep assist

    Lane keep assist supports the driver to avoid unintended leaving of the lane. The front camera observes road edges, as well as the lane markings between which the vehicle is driving...

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