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Opel Corsa: System limitations / Lane keep assist

Lane keep assist supports the driver to avoid unintended leaving of the lane. The front camera observes road edges, as well as the lane markings between which the vehicle is driving. If the vehicle approaches a road edge or a lane marking, the steering wheel is gently turned to position so that the vehicle turns back into the lane. The driver will then notice a turning movement of the steering wheel. Turn steering wheel in same direction, if the system does not steer sufficiently. Turn steering wheel gently into opposite direction, if lane change is intended.

When the system steers to correct the trajectory of the vehicle, Opel Corsa. Lane keep assist flashes yellow in the instrument cluster.

Unintended lane departure is not assumed by the system when the turn lights are operated and during few seconds after turn lights have been switched off.


The system may be switched off if it detects lanes which are too narrow, too wide or too curved.

Following preconditions have to be fulfilled:

  • vehicle speed must be between 65 km/h and 180 km/h
  • the driver must hold the steering wheel
  • the turn lights are not activated
  • the electronic stability control is activated and not in operation
  • the vehicle is not connected to a trailer or an electric bicycle carrier
  • normal driving behaviour (system detects dynamic driving style, i.e. pressure on the brake or accelerator pedal)
  • roads with good lane markings
  • no spare wheel is used
  • the driver is not taking the hands off the steering wheel for a longer time period
  • the vehicle is not driven in a tight corner

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If the system is activated, the LED in the button is not illuminated. To activate the system when the system is deactivated, press . The system is operational at vehicle speeds between 65 km/h and 180 km/h and if lane markings are detectable...

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