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Opel Corsa: Starting and operating / Power button

Opel Corsa. Power button

The electronic key or smart access device must be inside the vehicle.

Engine start

Operate the clutch pedal (manual transmission), the brake pedal and press Start/Stop.

Ignition on power mode without starting the engine

Press Start/Stop without operating clutch or brake pedal. Control indicators illuminate and most electrical functions are operable.

Engine and ignition off

Press Start/Stop briefly in each mode or when engine is running and vehicle is stationary. Some functions remain active until driver's door is opened, provided the ignition was on previously.

Emergency shut off during driving

Press Start/Stop for 5 seconds. Steering wheel locks as soon as vehicle is stationary.

Steering wheel lock

The steering wheel lock activates automatically when:

  • The vehicle is stationary.
  • The ignition has been switched off.

To release steering wheel lock, open and close driver's door and switch the ignition on power mode or start the engine directly.


If the vehicle battery is discharged, the vehicle must not be towed, tow-started or jump-started as the steering wheel lock cannot be disengaged.

Smart access

This function enables the starting of the vehicle via a mobile device. The vehicle is controlled via an application.

After entering into the vehicle and confirming a message, there are 10 seconds to start the vehicle.

When no message pops up, place the smart phone in the designated area.

Operation on vehicles with electronic key system in case of failure

If either the electronic key fails or the battery of the electronic key is weak, a message may be displayed in the Driver Information Centre.

Opel Corsa. Power button

Hold the electronic key at the marking on the steering column cover as shown in the illustration.

On vehicles with manual transmission, select neutral gear, operate the clutch pedal, the brake pedal and press Start/Stop.

On vehicles with automatic transmission, set the selector lever to position P, operate the brake pedal and press Start/Stop.

This option is intended for emergencies only. Replace the electronic key battery as soon as possible.

For unlocking or locking the doors, see fault in radio remote control unit or electronic key system.

    Ignition switch positions


    Starting the engine

    Vehicles with ignition switch Turn key to position 1 to release the steering wheel lock. Manual transmission: operate clutch and brake pedal. Automatic transmission: operate brake pedal and move selector lever to P or N...

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