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Opel Corsa: Storage / Load compartment

The rear seat backrest is divided into 2/3 to 1/3 parts. Both parts can be folded down individually to increase the size of the load compartment.

Before folding rear seat backrests, execute the following if necessary:

  • Move front seats forward if necessary.
  • Remove the load compartment cover.
  • Press and hold the catch to push the head restraints down.

Folding down/up rear backrests

  • Check that the seat belts are not engaged in the seat belt buckles, so that the backrests can be moved.

Opel Corsa. Load compartment

  • Pull the release lever on one or both outer sides and fold down the backrests onto the seat cushion.
  • To fold up, raise the backrests and guide them into an upright position until they engage audibly. Make sure that the belts are positioned correctly and stay clear of the folding area.

Opel Corsa. Load compartment

The backrests are properly engaged when the red marks near the release levers are no longer visible.


When folding up, ensure that backrests are securely locked in position before driving. Failure to do so may result in personal injury or damage to the load or vehicle in the event of hard braking or a collision.

Opel Corsa. Load compartment

The seat belt of the centre seat could be blocked when the backrest is folded up too quickly. To unlock the retractor, push in the seat belt or pull it out by approx. 20 mm then release.

Storage compartments

Warning Do not store heavy or sharp objects in the storage compartments. Otherwise, the storage compartment lid could open and vehicle occupants could be injured by objects being thrown around in the event of hard braking, a sudden change in direction or an accident...

Load compartment cover

Do not place any objects on the cover. Removing cover Unhook retaining straps from tailgate. Lift cover at the front and push it upwards at the rear...

Other information:

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Changing tyre and wheel size If tyres of a different size than those fitted at the factory are used, it may be necessary to reprogramme the tyre deflation detection system and make other vehicle modifications. Have the label with tyre pressures replaced...

Opel Corsa 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Anti-theft locking system

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