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Opel Corsa: Adaptive cruise control / System limits


The system's automatic brake force does not permit hard braking and the braking level may not be sufficient to avoid a collision.

  • After a sudden lane change, the system needs a certain time to detect the next preceding vehicle. So if a new vehicle is detected, the system may accelerate instead of braking.
  • The adaptive cruise control does ignore the oncoming traffic.
  • The adaptive cruise control does not consider pedestrians and animals for braking and driving off.
  • The adaptive cruise control considers stopped vehicles only at low speed.
  • Do not use the adaptive cruise control when towing a trailer.
  • Do not use the adaptive cruise control on roads with an incline of more than 10%.

As the radar's field of detection is quite narrow, it is possible that the system may not detect:

  • vehicles of reduced width, e.g. motorcycles, scooters
  • vehicles not running in the middle of the lane
  • vehicles entering a corner
  • vehicles suddenly pulling out


Opel Corsa. System limits

The adaptive cruise control calculates a predicted path based on the centrifugal force. This predicted path considers the current bend characteristic, but cannot consider a future bend change. The system may lose the current vehicle ahead or consider a vehicle which is not in the actual lane. This can happen when entering or exiting a bend or if the bend gets stronger or weaker. If it no longer detects any vehicle ahead, then Opel Corsa. System limits will extinguish.

If the centrifugal force is too high in a bend, the system slows down the vehicle slightly. This braking level is not designed to avoid spinning-off the bend. The driver is responsible for reducing the selected speed before entering a bend and in general to adapt the speed to the road type and to existing speed limits.

Opel Corsa. System limits


On motorways, adapt the set speed to the situation and the weather.

Always consider that adaptive cruise control has a limited visibility range, a limited braking level and a certain reaction time to verify if a vehicle is on the driving path or not. Adaptive cruise control may not be able to brake the vehicle in time to avoid a collision with a much slower vehicle or after a lane change. This is particularly true while driving fast or if the visibility is reduced due to weather conditions.

While entering or exiting a motorway, adaptive cruise control may lose the vehicle ahead and accelerate up to the set speed. For this reason, decrease the set speed before the exit or before the entry.

Vehicle path changes

Opel Corsa. System limits

If another vehicle enters your driving path, adaptive cruise control will first consider the vehicle when it is completely in your path. Be ready to take action and depress the brake pedal if you need to brake more quickly.

Hill considerations

Opel Corsa. System limits


Do not use the adaptive cruise control on steep hill roads.

System performance on hills depends on vehicle speed, vehicle load, traffic conditions and the road gradient. It may not detect a vehicle in your path while driving on hills. On steep hills, you may have to use the accelerator pedal to maintain your vehicle speed. When going downhill you may have to brake to maintain or reduce your speed.

Note that applying the brake deactivates the system.

    Driver's attention

    Use the adaptive cruise control carefully on bends or mountain roads, as it can lose the vehicle ahead and needs time to detect it again. Do not use the system on slippery roads as it can create rapid changes in tyre traction (wheel spinning), so that you could lose control of the vehicle...

    Radar unit

    The radar unit is located in the middle of the front bumper. Warning The radar unit was aligned carefully during manufacture. Therefore, in the event of a frontend impact, do not use the system...

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