Opel Corsa Manuals

Opel Corsa: Keys, doors and windows / Vehicle security


Load compartment Tailgate Opening After unlocking, press the tailgate button below the brand emblem and open the tailgate. Closing Use the interior handle...

Anti-theft locking system

Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside. The system deadlocks all the doors. All doors must be closed otherwise the system cannot be activated...

Other information:

Opel Corsa 2020-2023 Owners Manual: Switching on the system

Press . and a message are displayed in the Driver Information Centre. The system is still not active...

Opel Corsa 2020-2023 Owners Manual: High beam / daytime running light (2)

Remove the protective cover by pulling. Rotate the bulb socket anticlockwise to disengage and withdraw from the reflector. Insert the new bulb socket into the reflector housing. Fit the protective cover on. ..


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